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Real Facts. Real Opinions. Real Talk!  This is the home of “America’s Premier Mobility News & Technology Talk Show” – RoadWorthy Drive.  This is also the home of The RoadWorthy Drive Minute.  Both programs are currently in national syndication to commercial broadcast radio stations throughout the United States.

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RoadWorthy Drive is a one-hour program produced twice weekly that entertains, informs and delights listeners. Unlike the typical “automotive maintenance” or “car buff” shows, RoadWorthy Drive provides consumers with automotive news that is timely and relevant.  Each week, current automotive trends and evolving technology are presented and explained in a way that the average consumer can understand and appreciate.  RoadWorthy Drive equips listeners with actionable information that they can use right now such as car buying and financing tips, how to purchase automotive insurance and much, much more.

The short format vignette is known as The RoadWorthy Drive Minute. This sixty-second program is focused on new vehicle reviews and timely automotive topics of consumer interest and is produced five times a week.

One DOES NOT have to be a hardcore car fanatic in order to enjoy RoadWorthy Drive or the RoadWorthy Drive Minute.

So, come on in, look around and have a seat!  Questions, comments, ideas and/or topics for future discussion on the show can be directed to the RoadWorthy Driveline number or e-mail address listed below.  Thanks for dropping by!

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Ken Chester
Ken Chester